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ETO DOORS Fire Rated Doors and Frames

ETO Doors Corp's fire doors have been tested and certified by Intertek/Warnock Hersey. Our 20 minute, 60 minute and 3 Hour Fire Ratings comply with all major code requirements in the nation. All residential and commercial fire rated requirements can be met with our line of doors.  We stock the largest selection in the country of 3 Hour Fire Rated Commercial Doors and frames.
Our 20 and 60 minute wood fire doors can be made to compliment virtually any doors in our line, regardless of model or wood species.  Additionally, ETO offers unlimited custom capabilities in our 20 and 60 minute wood door lines. ETO wood fire doors can be paired with matching 20-through- 60 minute wood frames to enhance the appearance of any opening.  
For more information about Intertek’s Warnock Hersey (WH) Mark, please visit this link

ETO Doors Corp's 20-minute, 60-minute
and 3-hour fire ratings comply with all
major code requirements in the nation.

PRESS RELEASE: January 20th, 2011
LOS ANGELES, CA, April 28, 2011 /Architecture PR News/ -- ETO Doors, an industry leader in competitively priced doors, is proud to announce the addition of fire-rated doors to its stock of interior and exterior doors. 
Along with its stock of steel, alder, mahogany, white primed and other solid wood doors, ETO Doors now offers fire-rated doors with approval ratings for 20 minutes, 60 minutes, or three hours.
Builders are often required to install fire-rated doors as front doors to multi-unit residential complexes; in hallways, corridors and basements in commercial and residential buildings; and as entry doors to hotel rooms. 
Tal Hassid, ETO Door's president, stated, "having obtained fire approvals for our doors in 20 minute, 60 minute and 3 Hour Door ratings, ETO is able to virtually fulfill any fire door order at the most competitive pricing and the fastest lead time in the industry today." 
Hassid added, "we are excited to grow our line of products to continue to offer competitively priced doors to our customers-whether they are contractors, construction companies, or individuals remodeling their homes." 
ETO's fire-rated doors are available for purchase online or at the company's showrooms in Los Angeles and New York.
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